hello world 2009

First performance

Welcome to the Samba Doc website, our brand new site that was made in one day as a trial run for a new Pembrokeshire web-design business aiming to help groups and individuals design and make a blog-based website in one day. Find out more here

The photograph, taken by Gwen Griffiths, shows the band in action during it’s first public performance leading the Pembroke Dock Midwinter Lantern Parade in December 2008. The weather was absolutely awful, but was still unable to dampen the spirits of the band. This experience gave us all a buzz and has inspired our weekly rehearsals towards the goal of performing at carnivals and festivals throughout the summer of 2009. Find out more about the band here or take  a look at our calendar of gigs to find out when we are playing next.

the kit 2009

Small percussion

Thanks to a starter grant from the Communities First Music Trust Fund we have a set of Surdo drums, a samba snare drum, two repinique drums, and a selection of smaller hand percussion instruments including tamborim, samba agogo cowbells and ganza shakers.

The best samba band in Pembrokeshire

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